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Australia has the second largest superannuation system in the world and while it can seem complicated, it is compulsory. It is a low tax environment, hence comes with legislative change over and over again. Next Chapter Retirement Solutions can look over your current superannuation arrangement to see if it is achieving the best outcome for your future. We can examine all fees and charges and their performance against other industry and retail funds. In addition, we can further examine your investment strategies to determine whether they are appropriate to meet your ideal outcomes, with expert advice that focuses on risk management in the lead up to retirement. Moreover, our service examines contributions into your superannuation to manage your tax or simply enhance your financial position for retirement. A simple Super Health Check can be done to see if you are on track to meeting your end goal.

Retirement Income

Once that salary tap stops – or is replaced with less income, we then begin the phase of drawing on your life savings to fund the lifestyle you and your family desire. At Next Chapter Retirement Solutions, we ensure clients are making the most of their hard work by providing reliable and expert advice about how to generate an income during retirement. We then explore how to manage this tax effectively and in a manner to protect it from the adverse fluctuations of investments. We have access to alternate investments, which can be linked to provide layers of income in retirement to help manage cash-flow and risk. We start, however, with how you envision the next chapter of your life and begin creating that holistic picture by exploring bucket list items and a realistic budget. This process is about focusing on the best ways to invest your life savings, rather than tightening your lifestyle. Our emphasis is not about chasing returns, rather it is about being respectful with the money you have worked hard to achieve and at times giving you the encouragement and confidence to do the things you never thought possible.

Aged Care

In Australia, we have one of the fastest ageing populations in the world and consequently, the rules around Centrelink change dramatically as it is a serious problem for our health and service system.

It is inevitable with age comes the challenges around what happens when our health deteriorates. Whether it is for yourself or someone you love, the rules and complexity around Aged Care advice can be daunting at such an emotional time. At Next Chapter Retirement Solutions, we aim to provide as much assistance and advice as possible to support you in this area and we will also go further and connect clients with the right people to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.


The rules around Centrelink are complicated and ever changing. We all have a right to understand the entitlements we can attain when we qualify. Additionally, any form of Government assistance, whether for prescriptions or even a monetary amount, means you draw on less from our own life savings. At Next Chapter Retirement Solutions, we aim to explore strategies to achieve such benefits to which you are entitled. This may require a simple understanding of what can be claimed or how it is calculated, to a more complex understanding of restructuring finances. Even if your health puts a roadblock on your life goals, we aim to support you through this by ensuring you are informed of the applicable benefits you can access.

Estate Planning

At Next Chapter Retirement Solutions, we focus on ensuring the correct Estate Planning items are ticked off and provisions are in place for succession planning. While it may be daunting to consider this part of the future, we will all face this next chapter. Through effective planning, you can rest assure that your wishes for your assets and what you leave behind are followed and properly managed. Once again, our aim is to connect you with the right people to create the future you deserve.

Wealth Creation

At Next Chapter Retirement Solutions, we go further than the present and look outside the box to provide you with possible opportunities for the future. We present you with scenarios of what it would look like if you made no changes, compared to some minor adjustments. Additionally, we address areas of strength and weakness to develop good planning, a realistic budget and genuine goals to achieve. Life has several aspects that can throw us off our desired paths, but at Next Chapter we focus on ensuring our clients stay on track. Hence, we place a strong emphasis on working as a team with you, as some advice may need a compromise to ensure we reach our targets together.

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