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Richard Pillay


  • Certified Financial planner
  • Bachelor of Economics- Macquarie University
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • More than 13 years experience
  • Formed over 300 client relationships
  • Managed a portfolio of over $165 million


Richard Pillay is a Certified Financial Planner, which is the highest designation an adviser can reach under the Financial Planning Association. He holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree from Macquarie University, and a Diploma of Financial Planning. He is also a Justice of Peace.

Richard Pillay is a passionate and hardworking financial planner who is determined to empower his clients through his comprehensive knowledge and skill-set. Having accumulated extensive experience in the financial services industry over the past 13 years, Richard is driven by a desire to succeed, enrich his own approach and guide clients to achieve the successful futures they deserve. He has developed impressive skills during his time working with the private and public sectors of business and has created trusting, long-lasting and professional relationships through his honesty and loyalty. As a result, he has enabled clients to achieve their financial goals through a high-quality and memorable experience.

Richard has attained valuable qualifications and widespread experience, which means you can feel confident and secure about your future in his hands.

He achieved a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University in 2004 and from the very beginning of his career, he displayed great enthusiasm and promise for the financial world. The first company to harness this passion was Money Solutions, a company aimed at providing advice to members of industry funds. Taking this experience under his belt, he then moved to FuturePlus financial services, where he worked in both the advice and preparation of advice areas for members of Local Government. Through these roles, he learnt the importance of developing valuable relationships in the financial industry, engaging in more than just business, but rather an experience and strategic alliance.

Richard’s latest endeavour saw him at State Super, where the position allowed him to focus on giving specialist retirement advice to both the public and private sector with a firm focus on defined benefit schemes such as SASS (State Authorities Superannuation Scheme) and SSS (State Superannuation Scheme). He continued to form strong relationships with clients, including Transport NSW, Department of Education and Roads and Maritime Services – and he is determined to continue these relationships well into the future. This advice was focused around building wealth inside and outside of superannuation, management of investment risk in the lead up to retirement, cash-flow management, Taxation, Social Security, Estate Planning and Aged Care.

Whilst working at Stateplus, Richard formed over 300 client relationships based on trust and loyalty and managed a portfolio of over $165 million. Clients particularly appreciated the fact he could effectively simplify the complicated superannuation system to one that aligned with their own needs and objectives. Richard is a strong believer in the idea that peace of mind, trust and loyalty are facets of life which cannot be bought and must be earned. This philosophy underpins all interactions and dealings in this professional world.

Recent reflections on his career and planning for his own future has led Richard to re-evaluate the purpose behind his choice of industry for more than 13 years. The answer was simple; wanting to help people and putting their needs and objectives before his own to change their lives for the better. Service levels drop in so many industries, and Financial Services is no different. He is passionate about going back to the basics, keeping it humble, being transparent, keeping it honest, and giving great advice and reliable service.

As a family man who was raised in Western Sydney and whose wife is a teacher in South Western Sydney, Richard knows too well the value of hard work, the importance of effective communication and building trusting relationships in all areas of his life. He is a proud father of two young boys, which he holds up high as one of his finest achievements. Two pet dogs complete his family, always making them feel loved.


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