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Retirement Planning – Expert financial advice – Next Chapter Reliable and expert financial advice for retirement and superannuation. Contact us for a no cost, no obligation appointment. Plan your future today.
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Our Process

Getting to know you

Our initial meeting is a no cost, no obligation appointment, which is a great opportunity to get to know each other. It involves a couple of hours to reveal who you are and what you value. We will explore how you have reached this stage of life and most importantly delve into the WHY. We value the process of forming a trusting relationship, so we like to take the time and energy to build a plan together and ensure you develop an accurate understanding and insight into the industry, without any vague responses. At this initial meeting, we aim to provide detailed advice without the charges to provide an insight into what you can expect from our services. We back ourselves 100% on what we deliver, each and every day.

Advice Preparation

This may occur after the first or second preliminary appointments when we have developed a clear idea on the scope of the advice you seek. Once you receive this document, it is vital for you to decide whether you can see yourself working together with us to achieve the goals and objectives you identified. We then organise a plan presentation meeting where we will go over the key areas in the advice document and answer any questions that arise. We can also make minor amendments to this document at this stage.

Implementation and Review

All forms that are to be actioned are completed by us and sent to the respective product providers, with copies also sent to you. You are then notified once the document is finalised, however this is not the end of our communication. We are always listening and prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Review and Revise

We review your life stages in six-month blocks to capture the changing nature of investments and life in general. We aim to review previous goals and targets we set to determine whether they are achievable and if not, we evaluate them for the future. Reviews of your circumstances are paramount to ensuring you are living the best life possible, whatever that may be. But rest assured, we are here to help and no question is overlooked. If we can help, we help. If we can’t, we can put you in front of someone that can.

No upfront costs, obligation free appointment – we are here to help!