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Retirement Planning – Expert financial advice – Next Chapter Reliable and expert financial advice for retirement and superannuation. Contact us for a no cost, no obligation appointment. Plan your future today.
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About Us

Next Chapter Retirement Solutions is a first-class financial service offering individualised and expert financial advice for creating the future you desire. Our business, founded in 2018 by highly experienced Certified Financial Planner, Richard Pillay, is established around the core value of transparency. We focus on building trusting and dependable relationships involving honesty and integrity, creating peace of mind and security for your future. Next Chapter is a name you can trust as your satisfaction drives our business, so put your mind at ease and feel more secure with a future designed by you.

“We are committed to providing exceptional, goal-led financial advice to clients who are approaching retirement or already retired.”

While our main aim is to ensure clients are achieving objectives, we also take great pride in being very clear and honest in everything we do, with a key focus around service and outcomes at competitive rates. The less charges or tax that comes out of your life savings, the more that goes into your pocket to create your dream retirement doing the things you really love and living your best life. We advocate ongoing, professional communication with our clients to encourage informed decision-making, empowering you with the confidence and knowledge to write the perfect Next Chapter of your life.

It is never too early or too late to plan your ideal future. Therefore, mapping goals is an essential process for any retiree in order to create the memories you truly deserve and make the most important investment, that of your future.

Common questions we get asked?

Are you tied to any financial products? No, our product list is open and we focus on what best fits the needs, objectives and interests of our clients. We seek value, but define what that value is based on detailed discussions and collaboration with our clients to discover what is important to them.

How much does advice cost? Our service fees are competitive and capped. These will not be charged in your initial meeting with us, but will be clearly outlined if you choose to engage in our services. The fee is paid on a monthly basis and can be tax deductible, depending on your situation.

Like any service industry, you should only pay when you see value in the service. We aim to deliver on this service with outstanding value and commitment towards achieving your financial goals.

Common questions we ask our clients are?

Are you ready for retirement? Far too often we see people seek advice in regards to retirement, but through our meetings it is clear they fear the unknown. It is natural to feel this way and that understanding is what separates us from our competitors. We not only care about your financial well-being, but we also consider your choices in life in general and your feelings around this decision-making.

What does your ideal retirement look like? Many clients fear their life savings may not last their lifetime, and consequently, they hold back on spending plans and modify their dreams. We take the opposite approach and ensure goals are set upfront and sometimes offer a little nudge to achieve those bucket list items and experiences you desire. We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with clients, empowering you to feel confident about your decisions and supporting clients to stay on track to achieving their preferred lifestyle. While retirement will bring plenty of change into your life, including your spending patterns, there’s one thing you can’t get back and that’s time. So make the most of the present by exploring your future.

In an industry where information and strategies can be somewhat concealed or overwhelming, the aim of Next Chapter Retirement Solutions is to get back to the basics of providing good service and reliable advice in a trusting, professional environment. By taking a holistic approach to your future, we aim to provide peace of mind and longevity for your retirement goals by incorporating lifestyle, health and well-being into your future planning.

Hence, planning is the key to maximising your future financial success and this complex process is simplified with Next Chapter Retirement Solutions. So put us to the test with a no cost, no obligation appointment and write the story of your future, today. We are centrally located in Parramatta CBD catering to clients in the greater Sydney Metro Area and also have the added convenience of arranging meetings in a location nearest to you.

No upfront costs, obligation free appointment – we are here to help!